Stop your friends’ Facebook app from accessing YOUR private information


I thought I had carefully controlled what other people I choose to share my photos and my personal information with me on my Facebook and I was really careful about what third-party Facebook applications I allow to have access to personal details such as my birthday, my status updates, my photos, my location and educational and work history but I was WRONG until today.

If I am not comfortable with the information a Facebook APP wants to access, I never install the app or game (may be you do the same).

But it seems that some Facebook users (my FB friends) aren’t aware of that or don’t mind that kind of security/privacy – unless I have locked down my own privacy settings correctly – the apps, games and websites that my friends use can also access my personal details, photos and updates.

Facebook gives us the ability to disable what they call “Platform”. Of course, this means we won’t be able to log into apps or websites using your Facebook credentials, and our Facebook friends won’t be able to share content with us via apps, but it may be an option chosen by the more privacy-conscious Facebook user (me at-least).

Open this link and check what kind of access your friend app can have from your profile:-
(Scrool down to see the image like below)

My Default Settings for 3rd party apps my friends are using:-

Default-SettingsAfter changing:-

You can always revert the settings if you don’t want that much privacy 🙂