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FlashBack Checker – Tool Detects Flashback Mac Malware

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A Mac developer has posted a tool that detects a Flashback malware infection on Apple's computers. Last week we posted about, More than 600000 Macs system infected with Flashback Botnet. That's slightly more than 1 percent of all 45 million Macs in the world still a relatively small number, but a worrisome one for Mac users, as the tally of infected machines continues to grow

Apple has released new security updates that check for and remove the common Flashback malware variants.
I highly encourage Snow Leopard and Lion users to run Software Update and get the official Apple tool.


Flashback checker runs the tests described in the F-Secure Bulletins:

Download Flashback Checker 1.0:

**Note** This utility checks and reports the presence of Flashback malware,
it does _not_ remove it!

No affiliation with F-Secure.

Supports 10.5 and up, PPC and Intel clients.
Juan I. Leon
April 6th, 2012