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Open Elevated Command Prompt with Administrator Privileges in Windows 7

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Windows Vista and Windows 7 power users have many ways to launch a command prompt or Windows command processor (cmd.exe) with administrator privileges, rights or credentials. It’s a security feature in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that comes with User Access Control (UAC) that all processes will launch in restricted mode unless users specifically accept the elevation confirmation. For command prompt, the commands may refuse to run or have access denied error. So users need to launch command prompt will full admin rights and permission state. Here’s a few ways and methods the elevated command prompt can be opened and ran as administrator like this :-

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How To Resize Desktop Icon In Windows 7 or Vista

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Users can easily resize Windows7/Vista desktop icons or change the size of icons on Windows7/Vista desktop

There are THREE methods to resize the desktop icons, depending on your preference and also the ’size’ that you want to change the icons to.


‘Mouse Wheel’ Method

The option to select from only three available sizes wasn’t satisfying enough, so I found another method. Make sure the desktop has the focus, just click anywhere on the desktop before starting this process. Press & hold Ctrl on the keyboard, Scroll with the mouse wheel up or down to get the desired size.





‘Color And Appearance’ Method

The above method was actually much better. You can have variety of sizes and one for sure will suit you. But what if you don’t have a mouse wheel?, the closest I could find is to do this: Right click on an empty spot on your desktop and choose Personalize, now choose the first item on the list Windows Color and Appearance,  and then click the last link Open classic appearance properties for more color options.


‘Registry’ Method (For Advance users)

If you like to tweak around the registry (I am not responsible for this), then that can be set under that key,

Open Registry by typing:- regedit in run (or Windows + R) and navigate to the key mentioned below.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics

(Logging off is required for applying the changes.)

Windows 7/Vista Network Tunning

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With Vista and Windows 7 "TCP Autotuning" is introduced. It will use up to a 16 MB maximum receive window and  "Compound TCP (CTCP)".

To enable this enhance Network TCP through put launch a command prompt with administrator right:-

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