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Growl Notifications for MSOutlook (Any Version)


Growl is very good tool for local and remote notifications, we can compare it with libnotify in Linux plus growl is already available on multiple platforms, So now I want to use it with Microsoft Outlook to notify me when new email arrives, but unfortunately there is no Add-on available for growl after Outlook 2007 onwards, so I did the work for myself, basically it is too simple to write a procedure in VBA for Office (Macros) but the only drawback is that you need to allow macros (security involved) OR sign it with Digital Certificate (money involved) Read the rest of this entry »

Find and Replace Text in MySQL Database using SQL REPLACE

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MySQL database has a handy and simple string function REPLACE() that allows table data with the matching string (from_string) to be replaced by new string (to_string). This is useful if there is need to search and replace a text string which affects many records or rows, such as change of company name, postcode, URL or spelling mistake.

The syntax of REPLACE is REPLACE(text_string, from_string, to_string)

MySQL reference describes REPLACE as function that returns the string text_string with all occurrences of the string from_string replaced by the string to_string, where matching is case-sensitive when searching for from_string. text_string can be retrieved from the a field in the database table too. Most SQL command can be REPLACE() function, especially SELECT and UPDATE manipulation statement.

For example:

update TABLE_NAME set FIELD_NAME = replace(FIELD_NAME, 'find this string', 'replace found string with this string');

update jos_docman set dmurl = replace(dmurl, '', '')

The above statement will replace all instances of ‘’ to ‘’ in the field of dmurl of jos_docman table.


Pictures from a developer’s life

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Deploying code to production

Deploying to  Production

When the sales people announce they have sold our product to the customer

Product-sold Read the rest of this entry »