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Why I love “hackers” culture

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From Nmap Manual

If you find yourself really bored one rainy afternoon, try the command

nmap -Pn -sS -p 80 -iR 0 –open

to locate random web servers for browsing.

(use it at your own risk !! as some companies might complain for port scanning)

8 steps to protect your Cisco router


Network security is a completely changing area; new devices like IDS (Intrusion
Detection systems), IPS (Intrusion Prevention systems), and Honeypots are modifying the
way people think about security. Companies are spending thousand of dollars on new
security devices, but forgetting the basic, the first line of defense: the border router.

Although a lot of people may think that routers don’t need to be protect, they are
completely wrong. A lot of secure problems appear all time against this kind of device
and most of them are vulnerable. Read the rest of this entry »