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Firefox Memory Tuneup

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Popular Firefox is not a light browser as many thinks, with number of ADDONs loaded and multiple tab opened it can eat up all the available memory. More and more you open tab/website more your memory is consumed and progressively stir your processor.

But by this memory tune-up you can improve performance of Firefox. Please follow steps:-

Open firefox. To config firefox at address bar type about:config

1. Limit Capacities of Cache Memory

The more and more you opens the web/tabs, Your computer memory progressively used up. To limit it add new option: browser.cache.memory.capacity.

  • Right Click in the Firefox Windows, New > Integer. Type “browser.cache.memory.capacity” then Press Enter,
  • Put into number 2048. 2048 here mean using maximal memory cache only 2 Mb.

2. Limit Capacities of cache history

  • "browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers", alter value -1 to 3.

3. Limit Capacities of Cache Disk

  • "browser.cache.disk.capacity", alter the value 50000 become 2000

4. Disable unused extension/addons

  • Disable Add-Ons you which do not use.

5. Disable download history

  • Select Tools menu > Options > Privacy. Then uncheck at “Remember what I’ve downloaded”.


Advance Bash Scriptiong Tricks

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Here are some of my Linux bash shell findings, I hope it is good for everyone

Find some text in current folder, sub-folders and files:-

find . | xargs grep 'string_to_find'

Getting current time from some time server:-

cat < /dev/tcp/

Convert Unix Timestamp (aka Epoch):-

date -d @1292946804
Tue Dec 21 20:53:24 2010

Downloading a URL:-

exec 5<>/dev/tcp/
echo -e "GET / HTTP/1.0\n" >&5
cat <&5

Sending Data over network:-

cat /etc/passwd > /dev/tcp/

TCP Port Checker:-

(echo >/dev/tcp/ 2>/dev/null \
&& echo open || echo close


cat < /dev/tcp/localhost/25

Smallest Port Scanner:-

# Usage:>$ hostname_or_ip startport endport
for ((i=$2; $i <=$3; i++)); do
echo >/dev/tcp/$1/$i && echo $i/tcp Port Open;
done 2>/dev/null

Making File Backup when working on it


“!$” Reusing Last command arguments

mkdir /path/to/exampledir
cd !$

Taking Folder Backup with rsync (local)

rsync -Aax myfolder/ myfolder-dirbkp_`date +”%Y%m%d”`/

Deleting all files/Folder except some (in this example data and config folder will not delete)

ls | grep -v ‘(data)|(config)’ | xargs rm -r

Will add more tricks laters…..