Mirror of the Google Libraries API CDN


A subset mirror of the Google Libraries API CDN meant to be served from your local development machine when internet access is lacking. This will increase your overall browsing experience. (for sites like wordpress, Blogspot, Google products etc)

This is a fork of rmm5t/googleapis-mirror project (so all credit goes to Ryan McGeary @rmm5t)

Click the ZIP for downloading the package file, ruby and gem installation required
Available Libraries
Chrome Frame
Ext Core
jQuery UI
WebFont Loader



Step 0: Clone this repository

git clone git://github.com/babarnazmi/googleapis-mirror.git

Step 1:
Run rake sync to download a copy of all the libraries listed in libraries.txt.

You’ll probably want to run this step before you lose internet access.

Step 2:
Run sudo rake serve or just sudo rake (serve is the default task). This binds a new virtual IP address ( to the loopback interface, and maps ajax.googleapis.com to it using the OS X Directory Service. It also starts a web server bound to the new virtual IP address such that http://ajax.googleapis.com/ behaves like a local mirror for the Google Libraries.

Kindly refer to README.markdown