Privacy is dead, people.

Many people go online on internet via a wifi routers and typically only the computer directly connected to the device can interrogate it for ID information.  But bad news guys because Google location data can be used to pinpoint exactly where you live 🙁

Google database created when its cars were carrying out surveys for its Street View service.

Google Street View car, Getty The data gathered by Google’s Street View cars

This database links Mac addresses of routers with GPS co-ordinates to help locate them. It can be use to identify someone’s location to within a few meters.

Now the actual issue:

This pin point location can be gathered by some crafted web page without asking your permissions which is possible with bug in most of the wifi routers and it is using Firefox location sharing.

1) Click here to Enter your Wifi Router MAC address and see where you are.

2) Click here to open java applet, collect that information for you and display your location. (not working. I am working on it)

3) Click here Firefox will ask your location.


  1. ekhan says:

    This is very disturbing, and it also shows that the software we think we are using for free are actually bought with our privacy… I strongly protest, and request to other friends to make a common platform and protest against this thing. Secondly, we must spread these kind of news to the local public, who dont have any idea whats going on ..

    • Babar Shafiq says:

      Yes now they can pin point our locations by the cost of our privacy. If iPhone/Firefox/Google are collecting that information they should inform their users that due to bugs in iphone or firefox any site can track us… crap…

  2. Maz says:

    Internet was and never will be a safe place!

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