Recently (June 6, 2012) Adobe introduced its new Flash player version 11.3 which supports protected mode for advance protection and allow flash plugin to run outside browser process and create separate sand-boxed version of flash plugin with low integrity process that will surely increase protection from bugs/flaws in Flash players discovered in the recent past. But now Flash plugin is directly accessing Internet instead of asking its parent process, like in the past, Firefox/IE or other browsers were responsible for communicating with the internet, but this new upgraded version of plugin needs direct internet communication (which is bad in my opinion, as now we needs to track its outgoing/incoming connection separately, no matter it is running with low/little access of system resources)

After up-gradation of latest Flash plugin on my Laptop, I found out that recent upgrade of Plugin is causing serious lagging/jerking while watching videos on YouTube OR any Flash based contents, Flash games are almost unplayable on my i5 Laptop with 2GB of RAM.

So I tried to fix that issue, and found a way to stop that protection mode for now, until Abode matures its player in next upgrade.
Also on Firefox forums they suggested downgrade to 11.2 for overcoming that issue.

  • To revert to previous version:-

1) Download Flash player UnInstaller from here (size: 671kb)
2) After uninstall Download previous version of Flash Player from here  (size:170Mb)
3) The last step of the Flash install program asks you to choose your update method.
You should choose Notify me when updates are available to prevent Flash 11.3 from being re-installed automatically


  • To disable Protected Mode(for Advance Users):-

Add the following line to your mms.cfg file located in:
Location for Windows 32bit:

Location for Windows 64bit:

Open the file mms.cfg in notepad and add

Reboot is not required but closing all instance of Flash Player is required.

Full Story for Flash Plugin Protected mode:-

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