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In addition to my previous post “Privacy is dead, People” Google has publicly acknowledged that the WiFi data collected by its world-roving Street View cars contained entire emails, URLs, and passwords. On Friday afternoon, with a blog post, senior vice president of engineering Alan Eustace also said – yet again – that most of the data […]

India plans to write its own PC operating system!

Posted: 26th October 2010 by Babar Shafiq in Uncategorized
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THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT wants to write its own PC operating system (OS) rather than rely on Western technologies. India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) wants to build an OS, primarily so India can own the source code and architecture. That will mean the country won’t have to rely on Western operating systems that it […]

How Unique – How track-able, is your browser Traditionally, people assume they can prevent a website from identifying them by disabling cookies on their web browser.  Unfortunately, this is not the whole story. When you visit a website, you are allowing that site to access a lot of information about your computer’s configuration. Combined, this […]

CMOS De-Animator

Posted: 13th October 2010 by Babar Shafiq in Security
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CMOS De-Animator is a service utility for your system’s CMOS RAM. Unlike its predecessors, this new version includes a graphical interface and CMOS-backup options along with the “Clear CMOS” procedure, which was the original version’s only purpose. So, you can now backup the main CMOS settings to a file, or restore them later. The application […]