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Monitor Web Site Files With Auditd

Posted: 21st January 2014 by Babar Shafiq in Security, System Administration
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  The Linux Auditing System and auditd are a great way to monitor who and when changes are made to the files in your website. To install and configure follow these steps: 1. Install auditd and related utilities: yum install audit 2. Make sure auditd is running: /sbin/chkconfig –list auditd auditd 0:off 1:off 2:on 3:on […]

  WinSSH Update (10/July/2016): OpenSSH (7.2p2) Server for Windows (7.2p2 is latest version of OpenSSH) OpenSSH (6.4p1) Server for Windows (Previous version of OpenSSH) General Features:- * Security, if you want to access your Windows Machines cmd shell with full security. * Windows NT Service Support * Full install about 12mb, installer under 8mb (Including […]

  Attack from just 49 IPs and 48,000 servers (Linux/HP Unix) boot records were deleted in South Korea (20-March-2013), including servers at major (4) Banks and (3) TV stations.